Stephanie Manou and the BC Angels will take on the Saskatoon Sirens this Saturday in the LFL Lingerie Bowl at the AESC.

A season of excitement and controversy wraps up this Saturday as the BC Angels host the Saskatoon Sirens for the Lingerie Football League Canadian championship.
League Commissioner Mitch Mortaza says despite the media attention on the controversial league, or perhaps because of it, attendance was higher than projected.
Mortaza says Abbotsford is a strong market.

“You know there’s a reason they were awarded the championship game.  It was up there.  The top performance market was Regina, followed by Abbotsford, Saskatoon and then Toronto.  We drew about 20% higher than projected attendance.  We secured a TV deal, which is unheard of in a first year.  So I thought all in all it went really well, and that’s primarily why we’re now looking at further expansion into Canada.”

Mortaza says at least two more teams will be added to the Canadian league for next season.  He says they have little doubt that within the next 3 years, this will be the predominant female sport in Canada.  According to Business Week, the LFL is the fastest growing sports league in the US.

Saturdays game starts at 5pm at the AESC.  Tickets are available here.