Simon-Gibson(1)RIDING ISSUES

1) Air quality and the implications of Metro Vancouver’s proposed Waste to Energy highly negative impact on our fragile air shed.

If elected MLA for Abbotsford-Mission, I commit to working hard to ensure that absolutely nothing proceeds without the full involvement of Fraser Valley Regional District and that the province becomes much more active in the process for the good of the entire region. The health of our residents is not negotiable!

2) In both communities the dramatic growth of grow-ops as well as the licensed – but seemingly unregulated – medical facilities. The social fabric of the community is being affected which means a higher crime rate and social challenges for many young adults.

If elected, I would offer to lead a community-based team of police, municipal, social agencies and others to develop a broad-based approach to address the issues with the view to reducing the addictions and corresponding crime and related issues.

3) UFV cannot accept all qualified students and many are being turned away.

Within the constraints of our balanced budget, I would seek ways to provide more educational opportunities for our talented young people (My students at UFV often tell me they can’t get in to courses.)  This is a top priority!

4) Health care allocation of funding for our region

As MLA, I would work with Fraser Health and the community to develop an equitable formula for health care funding, without substantially increasing the overall health budget.  We are currently not receiving a fair budget allocation based on our population.


1) A vibrant and stable economy with prudent spending emphasizing health care, education and services for families and seniors

I would encourage the government to “stay the course” and continue with its balanced budget approach with the endorsement of national and international investment analysts.

2) Our young people will need career opportunities. Our party is committed to continuing to grow the economy with a welcoming investment climate to ensure there are quality jobs for the future. The BC Jobs Plan is a strategic approach which I enthusiastically endorse.

I would work with local public and private agencies to implement the Jobs Plan measures for our communities

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