Canada Road Safety Week is happening right now until May 22nd and it’s an annual collaborative effort by Canadian Law Enforcement agencies to target high-risk driving behaviors. The Abbotsford Police Department has released a PSA Video from a crash that took place in Abbotsford on September 26, 2015. The APD has spoken with, and received permission from, the victims of the crash. Their hope is that this video will motivate others to make better and safer choices. Here are some facts about the video from the Abby PD:


  • All persons involved in the crash (drivers, passenger and the pedestrians) were all aged 20 or under at the time of the crash.
  • Miraculously only one person required hospitalization for their injuries.
  • Pedestrians were in a marked crosswalk and were crossing with the “walk” signal.
  • The driver of the pickup truck stopped for the pedestrians and the red light.
  • The driver of the passenger car was impaired, was speeding and did not stop for the red light. He was convicted of impaired driving and leaving the scene.
  • The result of this crash could have been much worse. Collectively, we all need to do much better when it comes to Road Safety.