abbyPD2Police in Abbotsford are warning people about a potential increase in gang activity. Cst. Ian MacDonald says this comes after a house and vehicle were shot up Monday night on Southern Drive. He says eight days prior, there was a knife attack and shooting on Holly Street.

“Although these two incidents don’t necessarily demonstrate a pattern, they demonstrate enough concern to us that we want to make sure the public is aware and we want to engage as many people in the community as possible.”

People are being encouraged to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour they see.

“We need parents to be mindful of what their kids are doing, we need young people to take the path of good decisions, positive decisions instead of poor ones. We absolutely need the community to be aware.”

MacDonald adds gang violence has quieted down substantially since 2009. “When you go through a period of relative success, sometimes the feeling is you can let up on the gas, you can take the back seat for awhile. Our messaging is the opposite of that. We have to stay on this.”