Sweep up the confetti, gather your empties, and join The Unbalanced Breakfast for our hangover special!

January 1st, 2017 from 9am-12pm

We’ll make sure to keep the lights down low. and the jams nice and slow, as we go over the best homemade hangover remedies that you got to offer.

Last night may have been filled with a few regrets, so let’s not add to that by missing this special! And if you’re feeling brave, post your ‘hangover selfie’ on the The Unbalanced Breakfast Facebook page! Give us a like, and follow us on Twitter: @KennyJones77 and @BigGingerFM. Snap us on Snapchat: Kenny.Jones & BigGingerFM! And you can always hit us up on the CONTACT US page too!

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