What’s a Guy or Girl to do after a tough breakup? DON’T PICK UP THE PHONE according to Raelynn! In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight she admitted that “Lonely Call” was written after a real life breakup with her now-husband, Josh. “The song is verbatim how I felt. I remember him calling me one night and he wasn’t being mean or anything like that — when you’re together and you’re so in love, you want to call the person even if you’re not together. I was like, ‘I’m not your lonely call! I’m a Texas girl! I’m gonna be this and this and this.'” She added that Josh now “laughs” when he hears the song. “He goes, ‘I always regretted breaking up with you, but listen, you wouldn’t have gotten any of these songs if I didn’t do it.’ I was like, ‘Whatever!'” True Love at it’s finest!