Genevieve Fisher won Country Artist of the Year at last night’s Forest City London Music Awards, an award she’s won before, in 2017. The win comes as the London artist is preparing for a busy 2019, including some new music, which she says on social media, should be coming soon. In keeping with today’s tech age, Genevieve offered her thanks with prepared remarks from her phone – she wasn’t the only winner who did that during the night.

The night saw many different artists from many different genres celebrate London’s vibrant music scene and country music was very well represented.

The Reklaws were named Ontario Major Recording Artist of the Year in a multi-genre category that also saw Tim Hicks and Meghan Patrick reppin’ country. Rising star Eric Etheridge had a nomination for Ontario Independent Recording Artist.

Other country highlights of the night including the inductions and performances of the two London Music Hall of Fame inductees: John P. Allen and Nora Galloway. John P. is a two-time Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame member for his work with The Good Brothers and Prairie Oyster. Among his current projects is The Allen Family Reunion, a group that includes his brother Joe, sister Julie, daughter Beverly and nephew Paul, who travelled all the way from Montreal for the event and for their performance during the show. Nora was recognized for her career that goes back to the 1970’s and covers such styles as country, bluegrass and more.

It was a great celebration of London’s rich music culture, both present and past, leaving everyone very optimistic about the future. Congrats to all the winners and nominees! And a huge “hats-off” to the organizers for putting on an amazing awards show to cap off a week of incredible music industry events!