The Country 107.1 Wellness Team, sponsored by Davis Quality Meats and Stattonrock Design and Build is going to make sure you stay well; body, mind and spirit this summer! On cooler days when you may not be feeling like getting outside, that’s okay! There are many things you can do to keep your body or mind active while sitting inside, that doesn’t include a screen!

Puzzles are one of these things you can do. They’re fun to do and great to entertain yourself for a few hours…or days…if you’re working on one of those puzzles with thousands of pieces! They have the ability to boost your brain health by challenging and stimulating the brain.

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Not only that, but they can help reduce stress by keeping your mind off of things. Just open up a box with a picture that appeals to you, start separating those edge pieces and centre pieces, separate by like-colours and…well, you’ve now zoned out and are completely focused on that puzzle! What was it that you had been thinking about before opening up that puzzle box? It doesn’t really matter, because now you’re working on this puzzle and might have forgotten about your worries!

Finally, it is a great activity to do with your family if you’re all inside and want to come together around the dining room table – where that puzzle is now going to live until it’s completed! Figure out how to put all of the pieces together, have some good conversation and enjoy each other’s company!

And what’s more…if you don’t have a puzzle handy, we have many places in Abbotsford, Mission and the rest of the Fraser Valley that you can pick up some puzzles – why not search for some local games and puzzle stores and start from there! #SupportLocal



Brain health is a very important puzzle piece of wellness – what are you doing to keep your brain strong and healthy?


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