School may be over, but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop! Something that the Country 107.1 Wellness Team, presented by Stattonrock Design and Build, Davis Quality Meats and Greater Vancouver Zoo, likes to focus on is keeping your brain strong and stimulated! Constantly learning, exercising, being active, getting outside – it all helps you mentally!

Something that you can go out and do today is visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo! Not only is it an open space to take a walk in, it’s a great place to learn about some amazing animals! From the Addax to the Zebu Cattle, you’ll see animals you’ve already done some research on in the past, as well as some animals you may not have known even existed! Did you know that you can go to their website and learn about the different animals in the Greater Vancouver Zoo? Click here and maybe you’ll discover something new!

Also, if you’re a frontline healthcare worker, you can get into the Zoo for free! Click here for more details!

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