Happy Jul-uary! Am I right?! With this rain and much cooler weather than we expect for July, all we want to do is get out of the house after we’ve been cooped up inside the house for so many months. It’s definitely important to get outside so we don’t fall into that rut that many of us have experienced the last few months – sitting on the couch all day, barely moving, only getting up for snacks and to grab the remote. Wait? Is that only us? If you didn’t fall into that rut, we want to applaud you! The Wellness Team was created to make sure that not only our listeners, but ourselves, got outside and did things – anything outside – while our regular cruiser team has to socially distance from the community this summer.


So for this weekend, we’ve come up with a few ideas that you can do outside! We’re supposed to be seeing some sun, so make sure to take advantage of that! So let’s get out, let’s get active – The Country 107.1 Wellness Team is presented by Greater Vancouver Zoo, Davis Quality Meats and Stattonrock Design & Build.

Well, the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market is on again this morning! So you can check out the local farms and artisans there and #SupportLocal while you do it.

Did you know that Bridal Falls Waterpark has officially opened? They are open with an enhanced COVID cleaning protocol, as well as distancing and capacity measures in place. The waterpark is open daily to September 7th, 11am to 6pm. Parking is free and the water is heated, so you won’t have to worry about cooler weather! Stay warm in the water! Tickets are available online here. 

While you’re in the area or on Sunday, why not also check out Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.

Bridal Veil Falls Photo Credit: iStock.com/cnicbc

Scenic Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is a perfect day-use area. Explore the sights of the valleys and lush, rounded mountains. You can also enjoy picnicking, hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls. This is something that everyone in the valley should experience. We know we haven’t been in a while, and that might just be on our list of things to do this weekend!


If you just want to stay close to home, go to your garage, brush the dust off of your bike, make sure there is air in the tires (I hope it’s not just me who needs to both dust off and put air in her bike tires…), slap on your helmet (safety first!) and go on a bike ride! When was the last time you went on a bike ride? I can’t even find a photo of me riding my bike because it’s been that long since I took it out for a spin. This might just be the summer that I start – and then maybe my 6 year old will want to ride his bike more often AND we’ll be able to get him from training wheels to two wheels! Not only is it great exercise and a great activity to do with the family…but believe me when I tell you this…that helmet really does look great on you! My bike has a basket and a bell, does yours?

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