Free Thursday Afternoon Introductions to Today’s Style of Square Dancing in February


Feb 6 - Feb 27


O.A.P. hall, Aldergrove, 3015 – 273 Street, Aldergrove, BC, Canada, V4W 3P8


Discover today’s style of square dancing at free sessions throughout February on Thursday afternoons at 1:00. It’s active living, highly social and great fun. You make many new friends. All ages are welcome; singles, couples & children with parents. Just drop in on any or all Thursdays. Allow for 2 hours. Today’s form of the square dance is one where the instructor or “caller” teaches you individual moves. Once the music starts, that caller presents the various calls in random order, resulting in an endless variety of patterns. You just walk to the rhythm of the music. O.A.P. hall, Aldergrove.


Free Event

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